3 Tips For Keeping Your Property Secure

Do you feel confident about the security of your home or business? Can you say with 100 percent certainty that your property is not at risk? The Federal Bureau of Investigations burglaries are the number one threat to a home. A home intrusion occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, and this does not account for business-related burglaries. This information may seem startling, but you can use it to your advantage. Below you will find three tips for keeping your property secure.

One: Take A Look From An Intruder's Perspective

Start out by viewing your property from the perspective of a thief or criminal. Do you notice some flaws in your current security setup? Some examples might include:

  • a broken or rusty gate lock

  • an open garage door

  • easy access areas like storm cellar doors

  • a window that you frequently forget to shut

These things may seem minor, and they are easy for the average person to overlook. Burglars examine homes and businesses for days or weeks prior to committing a crime. They will seek out any security flaws that work to their advantage.

Two: Eliminate Any Potential Hazard or Threats

Once you have done this, take appropriate measures to fix any issues you find. You can also take extra precautionary measures to make your current setup more effective. This does not have to be expensive. An article by Consumer Reports offers some of these ideas:

  • do not store any ladders outside

  • make sure your window unit air conditioners are secured

  • replace any locks that are weak or broken

  • double-check your window locks to make sure they work

If you need to make any repairs or replacements, a quick trip to the hardware store can remedy these problems. For example, an aftermarket window lock retails for about $20 through major online retailers. There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on these useful and simple solutions.

Three: Use A Security System To Increase Protection

If you want extremely thorough protection for your home or business, consider getting a security system installed. While there are many security options to choose from, they usually fall into one of four different categories. DoItYourself.com lists the following categories for home monitoring systems: 

  • monitored system

  • unmonitored system

  • wireless alarm system

  • electric current system

Safe Guard The World states that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to experience home intrusions. Monitored systems are a popular choice because they immediately alert a call center when an alarm is triggered. Modern technology has lead to advancements in video monitoring systems, too. This type of system gives you the opportunity to review footage of suspicious activity or crimes committed on your property. If you are interested in additional home or business security, contact a security or surveillance company to explore your options. Visit http://www.americanbusinessphones.com for more information.